Mansfield man launches truck travel firm for tourists

.Sean White of Truckmonkey  gets set to leave for Kathmandu from Mansfield
.Sean White of Truckmonkey gets set to leave for Kathmandu from Mansfield

T.S. ELIOT once said it is the journey and not the arrival that matters and one Mansfield man is keeping with the philosophy of the famous poet after launching an overland truck tour company for travellers through Europe, The Middle East and beyond.

Truck Monkey Overland Tours is now up and running road trips to far flung reaches such as Kathmandu, Nepal and Damascus with the emphasis on travellers having time to experience an array of stunning sights, new cultures and adventurous activities along the way.

Based on Hamilton Way at Oakham Business Park, owner and experienced coach driver Sean White decided to set up his own company after many years working as an overland tour operator.

Speaking on, travel lover Sean describes the trips as having budget prices for top service.

“Our main point of difference is the Truck Monkey Team - we are all passionate about adventure travel, our tours are run by travellers for travellers with no hidden costs or sales pitches,” he said.

“Our truck and equipment are second to none, we have the experience and savvy to know what does and doesn’t work on the road.

“We want to make sure that our clients are able to enjoy each place we visit, instead of just cramming in as many countries as we can as fast as we can.”

Sean says that the tours will provide unforgettable experience for travellers of all ages as well as lots of fun along the way.

“One of the advantages of overland travel is travelling with a group, and having people to share life-changing experiences with,” added Sean, who has spent more than 15 years travelling overland through Africa, The Middle East and Asia,

“At Truck Monkey we encourage flexibility, if the group decides they want to stay an extra day somewhere they can - this is your trip, you tell us what you want.”

Truck Monkey Overland Tours currently operates four main tours ranging from the full 13-week overland experience to the two-week ‘taster’ tour.

The team use 26-man trucks and stay in a combination of camping or hotel accommodation and, although the overland trips can be physically quite demanding, they are suitable for almost anyone with a healthy appetite for adventure.

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