Mansfield man jailed after injuring woman

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A MAN of previous good character has been jailed for bursting a woman’s eye with a blow at a house in Mansfield.

Timothy Earle, 40, hit Deborah Anderson in the face causing a ‘blow-out’ fracture of the eye socket and rupture of the eye, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

It happened at the home of his estranged wife Rebecca in Lime Tree Avenue.

Earle was visiting the house on 24th October last year.

His wife made a comment she should not have made, said Judge Michael Stokes, the Recorder of Nottingham, and Earle pushed her out of the way as he went into the house.

The main victim then also made a comment and, the judge told Earle: ‘All the evidence suggests you punched her very hard indeed.’

The police arrived to find the victim on the floor vomiting into a bowl.

She suffered from double vision and needed a second operation after bleeding following the first operation.

In mitigation it was said the blow was from an elbow. Earle had apologised and waited for the police to arrive.

He pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm.

Judge Stokes told Earle, of Staniforth Street, Mansfield, he was of previous good character and no one could have wished for better references.

After his marriage had broken up he had gone to live in Norway.

His victim had done him no harm and the force used against her must have been considerable.

The judge added: “It was done in temper and I am prepared to accept it was out of character and on the spur of the moment.”

The sentence was 12 months prison.