Mansfield man given jail term for harassing ex-partner

NEWS from Nottingham Crown Court.
NEWS from Nottingham Crown Court.

A Mansfield man has been given a 16-week suspended prison sentence after admitting harassing his ex-partner.

Magistrates were told how on 13th June David Bower, 33, of Peel Crescent, showed up at his estranged partner’s home in Mansfield Woodhouse demanding a drink of water.

Marjorie Kirkham-Smith, prosecuting, told the court how Bower was subject of a restraining order not to contact the woman at the time.

She said Bower’s former partner had eventually let him in after repeated demands but had called the police beforehand, knowing he would be arrested when they arrived.

Police arrested Bower upon arrival after finding him hiding in the toilet.

Deborah Bell, defending, said Bower, who admitted breaching his restraining order and has previous offences for common and sexual assault, said he realised the seriousness of the charge.

She added: “When he was released from custody in March he was dry and free of alcohol.

“He went to live with his brother in Sutton, intending to have a fresh start, but his relationship with is brother is difficult and as result he moved in with a friend on the Bull Farm estate.

“As a result he resumed his relationship with his ex-partner.”

Ms Bell told the court how Bower claimed his ex-partner was contacting him as much as he was contacting her.

She added: “He says he has started to drink again and his former partner is an alcoholic - and so the combination is not a positive one.”

As he sentenced Bower a magistrate said: “When you are on an order from the court it is a court order.

“Court is the only organisation that can change it. The importance of this cannot be understated.”

Bower’s prison sentence was suspended for 18 months. He was also ordered to complete a building better relationships programme and a 12-day rehabilitation requirement.