Mansfield in top ten ‘green’ towns in England


Mansfield is one of the greenest regions in the land - and that’s official.

Environmental thinktank, Green Alliance, recently compiled a list of England and Wales’ towns and cities whose electricity consumption is met the most by renewable resources.

And thanks to the number of solar and wind farms built in recent years, Mansfield made it onto the list at number 10, with 8.64 per cent of its electricity usage being generated locally.

The move to build both solar and wind projects has not always proved popular, with most planning applications submitted to Mansfield District Council attracting objections from nearby residents.

Environmental portfolio holder at Mansfield District Council, Councillor Andrew Tristram, welcomed the statistics, but warned that future renewable energy projects must be discussed at length before being given the go-ahead.

He said: “We need to be planning for future generations and embracing the use of renewable energy whilst at the same time looking at ways we can reduce energy usage.

“This includes things like the use of low energy lighting and better insulation of properties.

“While the number of solar farms and wind turbines in the area are increasing and contributing towards our green credentials, I realise that their location can be a sensitive issue and that we need to carefully consider where they are sited.”

Topping the list is Grimsby, which produces more than 28.27 per cent of its energy used.

Many of those in the top 10 are former industrial heartlands, including Sheffield, Doncaster and Middlesbrough.