Mansfield home to highest concentration of Lamborghini fans in the Midlands

Mansfield has the highest concentration of Lamborghini lovers in the UK.
Mansfield has the highest concentration of Lamborghini lovers in the UK.
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Mansfield has the highest concentration of fans of three leading supercar brands in the Midlands.

Research into supercar fandom has shown what brands of exclusive sports cars have the most fans in each area, and Mansfield has been named as the top area in the Midlands for lovers of Porsche, Lamborghini and Bugatti.

The 'Super Cartography' map produced by used Facebook Audience Insights to pinpoint areas of high concentration for supercar fans, and shows which areas have the most fans and of what brand.

Derby was the biggest fan of supercars overall in the East Midlands, leading in five of the nine brands.

The company said: "Sourcing data from Facebook Audience Insights, we’ve conducted a study into supercar fans around the world. Fan concentration negates the issue that larger regions will naturally have a greater volume of Facebook users, so we get a fairer idea of how much each region likes a brand."

Also looking at global trends, the map places the UK as 27th in the world for supercar fandom - in poll position was New Zealand followed by Saudi Arabia and Croatia.

Here's the full list of supercar fans in the East Midlands.

Ferrari: Derby

Porsche: Mansfield

Lamborghini: Mansfield

Aston Martin: Derby

Maserati: Derby

Bugatti: Mansfield

McLaren: Derby

Pagani: Nottingham

Koenigsegg: Derby