Mansfield group’s ‘Little Snore’ raises thousands of pounds for the homeless

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A group of hardy folk defied freezing temperatures on Friday night to highlight the plight of the homeless - despite an official event postponed because of the weather.

Organisers Framework called off its 11th Big Snore event at Mansfield Town’s One Call Stadium due to the snow and ice.

Up to 180 people were due to take part in the event - now rescheduled for March.

But a group of fundraisers still ‘slept rough’ and dubbed their own event the ‘Little Snore’ - helping to raise thousands of pounds.

Businessman Malk Hall was joined under the stars by his wife Rachel, Andy Plant (Acorn Signs), Paul Nyland (Mansfield Town FC), Mark Burton (Ulyett Landscapes) and Stephen Bradbury (Riley and Co).

Said Malk, of Hall-Fast Industrial Supplies: “It was an experience sleeping out last Friday night. It was wet, cold and we didn’t get not much sleep.

“It’s a big shame that the Big Snore event was called off due to the weather. The homeless don’t have that choice and for that reason the group that slept out have agreed to do so each year in January and the Little Snore event will go ahead whatever the weather.”

Framework says the postponement was a tough decision to make .

Said chief executive, Andrew Redfern: “A sponsored event such as the Big Snore can never replicate the isolation, misery and sometimes the outright terror of street homelessness for real.

“But it doesn’t help anyone to put volunteers at risk.”

“In making the decision to postpone we have had to take into account that some of those due to take part are children and others are vulnerable due to illness.

“Moreover, the turnout would have been affected by the cold. So, in the interests of safety and with a view to maximising the impact and the amount of funds that we raise, we have reluctantly decided to reschedule. I hope our supporters will understand and be ready to help again when we have a new date. Thanks again to you all.”