Mansfield gardeners sowing seeds for future

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A MANSFIELD gardening association has sowed the seeds for an exciting era with the opening of a new £70,000 facility.

The Eakring Road building boasts a seed storage area, a kitchenette and toilets and will be the focal point of the Mansfield and District Gardeners’ Association’s activities.

It has been built thanks to a grant of £66,000 from trustees for the Allotments for the Labouring Poor.

Allotments for the Labouring Poor administers 12 sites in the former Mansfield Borough, dealing with some 400 tenants.

Said chairman John Carter said: “We have an on-going programme of refurbishments across the sites and the Eakring Road project is just the latest.

“We are delighted to help because it clearly means a lot to members of the association, who feel it will create numerous opportunities to expand their range of activities.”

Association chairman John Childs said the new building had helped to preserve the organisation’s future.

He said: “We want to move beyond just sticking ‘things’ in the ground and the new centre offers the chance to do that. We’re really excited about where this could lead.”