Mansfield film maker highlights mobile phone dangers

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A FILM maker from Mansfield is receiving global recognition for his documentary about the dangers of mobile phones and wi-fi technology.

James Russell, a self-taught independent film maker, began research and filming ‘Resonance: Beings of Frequency’ two years ago.

It was initially released on YouTube, and after more than 250,000 views, it went on to win Best Documentary at the 2012 Crystal Palace Film Festival.

James, who went to High Oakham school, Brunts and West Notts College is in talks to release the film in the USA and has even been contacted by the UN Environmental Committee about the documentary.

He said: “It all started while I was listening to a man on a talk radio station that has a disorder called electro sensitivity.

“He claimed to get incredibly sick around wireless technology, so much so it made him bleed internally.

“I was fascinated by his story I sat in my car listening to him for 30 minutes on my driveway.

“My initial idea was to make a short film about his struggle, but as I started putting the pieces of the puzzle together the film just grew organically.

“In order to make it I had to teach myself how to direct, produce, film and also edit. Oh, and I also had to read more than 300 science papers!

“I realised how important the film was going to be. I decided to make it free so people would know the risks involved.”

Search for the film on YouTube or visit

James added: “Not only are we surrounded by natural frequencies our bodies are filled with them too.

“This delicate balance has taken billions of years to perfect. But over the last 25 years the harmony has been disturbed dramatically.

“We’re submerged in an artificial frequencies.

“They’re all around us, drowning out the earth’s natural resonance.”