Mansfield father loses it over dog

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A young father admitted pushing his mother in the chest and threatening a paramedic during a bizarre outbreak of rage, a court was told.

The row erupted when Jake Marston (20), of Westfield Lane , Mansfield, was told over the phone by his partner their infant son was not responding to being woken.

He had been living with his mother following domestic violence issues with his partner and was accompanied by his mother and sister to his partner’s house.

Neil Hollett, prosecuting, said: “The defendant picked up the child but there was no response so she (his mother) immediately phoned an ambulance.

“While on the phone she could hear the defendant arguing about the dog - his partner had sold it as it had become too much.”

Mansfield Magistrates’ Court was told how Marston ‘went mad’ when his sister pulled his child away and began repeatedly punching the door, causing his mother to end the emergency call.

Said Mr Hollett: “She tried to get him to calm down but was pushed backwards by the defendant to the chest area, causing immediate pain.”

Mr Hollett said when the paramedic arrived Marston threatened him with violence and foul language.

Elizabeth Rees, defending, said Marston had struggled with his five-month-old son’s illness - a protein deficiency known as GA1 which requires a special diet and constant supervision.

“Mr Marston cannot cope with something he cannot control,” she said.

District Judge Cartwright deferred Marston’s sentence until 7th May next year and ordered him to continue attending an integrated domestic abuse programme.