Mansfield family’s tribute to car-boot lifesaver

Jennifer Cockcroft and Sue Jones
Jennifer Cockcroft and Sue Jones

THE family of a woman who was given life-saving CPR after collapsing at a Mansfield car-boot sale have hailed the ‘heroine’ who saved her.

Sue Jones (57) stopped breathing and had no pulse after falling to the floor at the Botany Avenue indoor market last month.

Thankfully, stallholder Jennifer Cockcroft was on hand to put her first aid skills to good use and save Sue’s life.

Daughter Kelly Walter said: “We can’t thank her enough, Without Jennifer, mum wouldn’t be here.

“It could have been a totally different Christmas.”

As previously reported in Chad, Jennifer (22), of Bainbridge Road, Warsop was given a community award by Nottinghamshire County Council for her quick-thinking actions.

Jennifer completed a CPR course while volunteering at Warsop and Meden Vale Children’s Centre.

Mum-of-two Kelly (33), of Victoria Street, Mansfield, who also has a stall at the market, added: “People were shouting for me because they thought mum had feinted.

“She’s a fit and healthy woman, she doesn’t smoke or drink.

“She wasn’t breathing so we phoned for an ambulance. Then Jennifer came over and said she was a first aider.

“It was really good fortune she was there.

“Me and my dad are trained first aiders but I don’t think I could do CPR on a loved one, you have to use a lot of force.

“It was the first time she had done it and she didn’t break any of mums ribs or anything like that. The paramedics said she had done a really good job.”

Following treatment it was discovered Sue, of Garnon Street, Mansfield, had a heart condition called cardiomyopathy.

She was in intensive care for three days then in hospital for two weeks and has now had a defibrillator fitted to her heart.

Kelly added:“We took Jennifer a bouquet of flower to say thanks but they saw each other for the first time last Sunday.

“Mum is like a celebrity at the car boot now.”

Jennifer was one of 80 volunteers to be given an award at county hall earlier this month.

She had never met Sue or Kelly prior to the incident.

She said: “Sue had stopped breathing and there was no pulse.

“I explained I know CPR and started doing the procedure until the ambulance arrived, she started breathing again and was taken to hospital.

“It was fantastic what I was able to do.”