Mansfield ex nurse fundraising for stem cell transplant to halt the progression of MS

Ann and her son, Daniel
Ann and her son, Daniel

A former nurse who was forced to retire because of ill health said she is ‘completely humbled’ by community fundraising events for groundbreaking treatment to halt the progression of her illness.

Ann Wilson, 48, from Mansfield Woodhouse, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) aged just 26.

Ann was working as a nurse when she received the devastating diagnosis.

Although she managed to continue working for the next ten years, the progression of her illness forced Ann to give up the career she loved.

Ann is now looking to fund revolutionary new treatment in Moscow that can halt the progression of her MS.

Ann said: “I was diagnosed in 1996, when I was nursing people with heart failure. I had to retire as my MS got worse, and the only way to halt the progress is with stem cell transplant.”

“I walk with a stick and use a mobility scooter for longer distances, and I am in considerable pain at all times.”

The transplant aims to ‘reset’ the immune system to stop it attacking the central nervous system.

It uses chemotherapy to remove the harmful immune cells and then rebuilds the immune system using a type of stem cell found in your bone marrow, called haematopoietic stem cells.

Ann cannot receive this treatment on the NHS, and the longer she has to wait, the worse her MS will become.

Ann said: “I want to halt the MS now, as I use a scooter to go long distances and my son, Daniel is my carer, and I don’t want to rely on him any more than I already do..”

Daniel,11, is Ann’s carer, and helps her with day-today tasks such as shopping and carrying things.

Ann’s treatment will cost £40,000, and through community efforts, such as a fun day at Rosemary Street Health Centre, over £5,000 has already been raised.

Ann said: “I’m completely humbled, I’ve even had ex-patients contact me to fundraise. The staff at the Rosemary Street Health Centre just did the fun day to fundraise off their own backs, as I used to be based there as a nurse.”

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