Mansfield ex-cop jailed for wine theft

An alcoholic ex-policeman has been jailed for four months after admitting stealing two bottles of wine.

Mansfield magistrates were told how Mark Jefferson (50), of Brookvale Close, Mansfield, was seen concealing a bottle of wine in his clothing at the Oaktree Tesco Store.

David Miles, prosecuting said when Jefferson tried to do the same with another bottle he was followed as he left the store without paying and brought back inside.

Said Mr Miles: “He admitted he stole the wine to police because he is an alcoholic.”

Mary Dixon, defending, said Jefferson had a long history of alcohol-related offending which had culminated in jail time after a suspended sentence was revoked.

She added: “The list goes back to 2007 with a number of shop thefts and road traffic incidents. All of the shop thefts in the last couple of years have related to bottles of wine.

“You can see the difficulty because he may accept he is an alcoholic but it is really difficult to get them to do anything about it.”

Ms Dixon said Jefferson was under a self-imposed curfew as his wife locked him in the house every day when she went out to work.

“A suspended sentence was activated in 2011,” she added. “I have no doubt for a while that was a deterrent but he has lapsed back into drinking.”

A magistrate said: “So many people have been trying so hard to help you and they have tried desperately to keep you out of prison.

“It has resulted in you failing at programmes and alcohol treatment courses.”

Jefferson was handed one month in jail for theft and re-sentenced to a further three months for other offences.

The magistrate said he hoped Jefferson could start again after serving his time.