Mansfield domestic abuse service backs 999 campaign

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Nottinghamshire Independent Domestic Abuse Services (NIDAS) have come out in support of a campaign launched by Notts police this week.

NIDAS, who support, families affected by domestic abuse in Nottinghamshire, say a silent 999 system may help victims.

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The 'Silent Solution' is a system that enables a 999 mobile caller who is too scared to speak to press 55 to inform police they are in a genuine emergency.

Although the system has been in place for some time, police want to inform the public so they know how to use it.

A spokesman from NIDAS said: "For some of the families we support who face high risk of harm from perpetrators of domestic abuse, ringing the police is the only option that they have to safeguard themselves and possibly their families when placed in immediate danger, we build into safety planning as standard.

"But for victims who face situations where it’s just too dangerous to ring for help in that moment out of fear of being heard and or the consequences of contacting police, this system is one that be offered to manage this.

"This is a really great way to raise awareness about the dangers of stalking and National Stalking Awareness Week."

The campaign has been launched during National Stalking Awareness Week, with support from the family of murder victim Kerry Power.

Prior to her murder, Kerry believed that if she made a silent 999 call she would not need to speak or make a noise for police to send assistance. Sadly her call was terminated and was not put through to the police control room because she did not know to use the Silent Solution system.

A Notts Police spokesman said: "It is not true that police will automatically attend if you make a silent 999 call. Callers need to listen and respond to questions and instructions, including by coughing or tapping the handset if possible, or if using a mobile phone, once prompted by the automated Silent Solution system, pressing 55."

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If you are suffering from domestic abuse, or need advice, please call the National Domestic Violence helpline on 0808 2000 247, or click here