Mansfield District Council sign housing declaration

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Mansfield District Council has signed a declaration showing its commitment to work with partners to help provide more affordable housing in the District.

The Executive Mayor Tony Egginton and the council’s managing director Ruth Marlow signed the East Midlands Declaration on Affordable Housing, which further publicly acknowledges the importance of affordable housing.

Housing is a key priority for the council, in particular ensuring there is an adequate supply of good quality, well managed housing which is accessible and affordable to those who need it.

The declaration commits the council to work constructively with developers, housing associations and the Homes and Communities Agency to maximise opportunities and resources to deliver well designed new affordable housing on suitable sites.

Mayor Egginton said: “A lack of affordable housing can have an adverse impact on local residents. The Council already works in partnership with developers and housing providers to ensure there is an adequate supply of good quality affordable housing for those who need it.

“However, the Council is always seeking new ways of helping to deliver new housing - especially in the current economic climate and signing this declaration commits the Council to continue working to maximise opportunities and resources to deliver new affordable housing.”

The declaration is one of three affordable housing initiatives launched by the East Midlands Councils (EMC) in December to help to increase the delivery of affordable housing, amid concerns that without significant effort by all organisations in the housing delivery chain, delivery of affordable housing in the East Midlands may well be severely constrained over the next few years.