Mansfield District Council’s plans for jobs “misguided”, says leading business figures

Charles Cannon at is office at Ranson Wood
Charles Cannon at is office at Ranson Wood

LEADING business owners fear “misguided” council business strategies are costing Mansfield a huge number of potential job opportunities.

Members of the Mansfield Development Forum, who met with Mansfield District Council to discuss major development proposals until recently, have said not enough is being done to find local investment.

They say the council seek to attract major firms, such as major factories, to provide jobs.

Charles Cannon, director of Ransom Wood Estates and forum member, said: “The council has the idea to find these grand employers like we did in the past. It should be concentrating on smaller business wanting to develop. Huge industries can be wiped out overnight.

“The council uses the same consultants as Nottingham, which is misguided. We should not be compared.

“Mansfield is doing worse than its ever done and the council is just not listening. They have spent millions on consultation, like the brewery site, and nothing has happened.”

Mr Cannon said that communication between the council and the forum had since broken down with the council cancelling meetings, angering forum members further.

The forum has over 20 members, including chairman Richard Henshell, who also feels that the council needs to switch their focus to making Mansfield’s existing buidings more attractive, rather than developing more retail space, while there is also an overestimation on the number of new homes planned for the region.