Mansfield District Council’s concern over street lights switch off

Street light  (w120118-12a)
Street light (w120118-12a)

DISTRICT councillors are urging County Hall leaders to rethink plans to turn off Mansfield’s street lights at night to save cash.

Nottinghamshire County Council is behind controversial proposals to review street-lighting across the county in a bid to save more than £1m a year and cut carbon emissions and light pollution.

But at a meeting of Mansfield District Council last Wednesdsay, Coun Joyce Bosnjak called on the county authority to conduct a ‘proper investigation into the true context of street light cuts and its impact on communities’.

“I want the county council to review what they are proposing, people across the county are going to be put at risk and I don’t want that for the people of Mansfield,” she said.

“We have real concerns that turning off the street lights in Mansfield will result in higher levels of crime and will have an impact on people’s safety.

“These measures will affect the safety of women, shiftworkers and the elderly and will make them feel vulnerable.

“In other communities in Nottinghamshire the county council switched the lights back on following an increase in burglaries and an attack.

“I do not want the people of Mansfield to have similar experiences.”

The proposal is to turn off many street lights in residential areas between midnight and 5.30am.

Some will be dimmed on main roads from 10pm to 7am and others will be switched off entirely in remote areas.

Coun Amanda Fisher added: “The fear of crime is very big and very serious and I will fight tooth and nail at all times for my residents to get street lighting when it is needed.”

Coun Mick Barton, portfolio holder for public protection, said: “We are asking Nottinghamshire County Council to carry out an urgent review of their decision to switch off the lights in Mansfield and to fully assess the impact of these measures on personal safety.”