Mansfield District Council plans to build more social housing near town centre

Rosemary Avenue
Rosemary Avenue

Council bosses hope to build more social housing on a site close to Mansfield town centre.

A report by Mansfield District Council's strategic director will request more cash to build ten houses on disused allotments at Rosemary Avenue.

Planning permission was granted in February for six two bedroom and four three bedroom modular homes, on the site off Rosemary Avenue, close to Mansfield Magistrates' Court.

In July 2018, the cost to build the homes was estimated to be £1,543,641.73.

The strategic director will submit a request to the cabinet at a meeting on Febuary 10, to request another £249,000 from the housing revenue account capital receipts reserve for the houses.

The manufacturing costs of the 10 homes is now expected to be £830,650.

The groundworks costs is estimated to be £539,796, and the total construction cost is therefore £1,370,446.

The total estimated budget required will be £1,749,000

There are two options on the table - increasing the budget will allow the development to go ahead.

The scheme costs will be off-set by Recycled Capital Grant arising from the sale of the Hillmoor Street site, and a bid for additional grant will be made to Homes England.

However, If the budget is not increased the Council will not be able to develop the site.

The planning application states: "The dwellings would be for social rent.

"The application site lies to the north west of the existing properties on Rosemary Avenue. Most of the site comprises an area of land which was formerly used as allotments, and which is now overgrown. The site also includes a strip of land which is located at the southern western end of the Civic Centre car park

"The site is considered to be within a sustainable location, being close to the centre of Mansfield and having ready access to public transport links, shopping leisure facilities and education.

"The proposed dwellings would be set back further from the road than the existing properties on Rosemary Avenue, in order to provide car parking for two vehicles to the front of most of the properties

"The proposed dwellings would back onto the existing properties on Titchfield Street which have relatively short rear gardens."