Mansfield District Council paid £1.8m for former General Hospital site

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Chad has discovered Mansfield District Hospital paid £1.8m to buy the site of the town’s former General Hospital.

The freedom of information disclosure comes just weeks after council chiefs announced that the site’s owner, Mumtaz Hussein Adam, had agreed to sell it without a compulsory purchase order (CPO).

Now Mansfield District Council has applied for permission to demolish the run-down site on West Hill Drive by October and hopes to have it ready for redevelopment by April next year.

At the time, the announcement of the sale was met with joyous approval from nearby residents who had fought a long-running battle to see it demolished but other members of the Mansfield community questioned the purchase.

Nigel Carnall, a commercial estate agent and senior partner at WH Barnes LLP, Sutton, said if the site was five or six acres in size the £1.8m figure would not be unreasonable.

But he added: “If it is less than that it would be high but you have to bear in mind the cost of setting up a CPO and trying to acquire the property that way could be in excess of half a million pounds.

“Then on top of that they have to purchase it at open market value so you could argue that they have actually saved the taxpayer some money.”