Mansfield District Council Election Results: Independents increase their numbers as Labour lose seats

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Independent councillors enjoyed a resurgence during this evening’s district council election results, by winning 15 of the 36 seats, an increase of six from the previous term.

While Labour still held 19 wards, it is a significant reduction from the previous term.

It was another blow to Labour after Mansfield Independent Forum’s Kate Allsop was named the new mayor hours earlier, beating Labour hopeful Martin Lee in to second place.

There were some notable former councillors who failed to secure their positions for another term, including Labour councillor Adrian Harpham, Labour’s Paul Henshaw, Labour’s Charles Hammersley and independent Phil Shields, who earlier in the day also lost out on his bid to become mayor by finishing third.

Meanwhile, there was also a place for UKIP on the council, with Barry Answer winning the seat for Abbott ward, beating Labour hopeful Donna Thomas.

In addition, Sidney Walker, who had been standing for UKIP but was kicked out of the party last week for his alleged connection to the far-right party, the BNP, also triumphed in the Newlands ward.

However, Mr Walker will now have to serve as an independent councillor.

Mansfield District Council election results:

Oakham ward: Winner Kevin John Brown (Mansfield Independent Forum) 452 votes. Denise Frances Moody (Labour) 441 bour votes. Stephanie Stewardson (Conservative) 410 votes. 69.65 per cent turnout.

Lindhurst ward: Winner Roger Sutcliffe (Mansfield Independent Forum). Alan Spencer (Labour) 351 votes. Jon Leighton (Green) 207 votes. 71.24 per cent turnout.

Oaktree ward: Winner Vaughan Hopewell (Labour) 552 votes. Darren Bacon (Mansfield Independent Forum) 351 votes. 45.76 per cent turnout.

Racecourse ward: Winner Steve Garner (Mansfield Independent Forum) 821 votes. Chris Paul Winterton (Labour) 416 votes. 58.39 per cent turnout.

Kings Walk ward: Winner Stephen Harvey (Mansfield Independent Forum) 707 votes. James Garry Gibson (Labour) 544 votes.57.82 per cent turnout.

Netherfield ward: Winner Sharron Adey (Labour) 475 votes. Philip Shields (Independent) 453 votes. Andrea Hamilton (UKIP) 371 votes. Karen Rachel Mary Seymour (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts) 30 votes. 66.30 per cent turnout.

Park Hall ward: Winner Anne Norman (Labour) 820 votes. John Paul Pawlik (UKIP) 493 votes. 55.90 per cent turnout.

Sandhurst ward: Winner Dave Saunders (Mansfield Independent Forum) 716 votes. Adrian Harpham (Labour) 528 votes. 57.21 per cent turnout.

Brick Kiln ward: Winner Terry Clay (Labour) 712. Michelle Witham (Mansfield Independent Forum) 559. 56.72 per cent turnout.

Carr Bank ward: Winner Stuart Wilson Wallace (Mansfield Independent Forum) 576 votes. John Edward Coxhead (Labour) 500 votes. 51.63 per cent turnout.

Hornby ward: Winner Joyce Bosnjak (Labour) 660 votes. David Hamilton (UKIP) 599 votes. Paul Tooley-Okonkwo (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts) 34 votes. 62.98 per cent turnout.

Ladybrook ward: Winner Sally Higgins (Labour) 624 votes. Karen Garner (Mansfield Independent Forum) 397 votes. Nathan Glyn Millership Sharpe (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) 56 votes. 46.20 per cent turnout.

Market Warsop ward: Winner John Kerr (Labour) 785 votes. Sam Roach (Mansfield Independent Forum) 468 votes. 52.89 per cent turnout.

Peafields ward: Winner Lesley Sarah Wright (Labour) 704 votes. Lee Russell Palmer (Mansfield Independent Forum) 677 votes. 60.99 per cent turnout.

Penniment ward: Winner Stuart Richardson (Labour) 716 votes. Paul John Watkins (Mansfield Independent Forum) 454 votes.

Woodlands ward: Winner David Malcolm Smith (Mansfield Independent Forum) 569 votes. Christopher Leonard Revill (Labour) 421 votes. 52.26 per cent turnout.

Berry Hill ward: Winner Andrew Mark Tristram (Mansfield Independent Forum) 876 votes. Claire Alison Brown (Conservative Party) 503 votes. Mike Abbs (Labour Party) 245 votes. 73.05 per cent turnout.

Bull Farm and Pleasley Hill ward: Winner Sonya Rose Ward (Labour) 550 votes. Mick Colley (Independent) 422 votes. Samuel Manarajan Kulasingham (UKIP) 357 votes. 56.42 per cent turnout.

Eakring ward: Winner Stewart Edward Rickersey (Mansfield Independent Forum) 902 votes. Samantha Jane Hartshorn (Labour) 552 votes. 68.14 per cent turnout.

Grange Farm ward: Winner Ron Jelley (Mansfield Independent Forum) 685 votes. June Stendall (Independent) 461 votes. Stuart Martin Moody (Labour) 370 votes. 64.50 per cent turnout.

Holly Ward: Winner Martin Wright (Mansfield Independent Forum) 979 votes. Mark Steven Fretwell (Labour) 505 votes. 61.66 per cent turnout.

Maun Valley ward: Winner Michael Barton (Mansfield Independent Forum) 951 votes. Colin Clayton (Labour) 561 votes. 60.73 per cent turnout.

Portland ward: Winner Brian Lohan (Labour) 429 votes. Maria Patricia Gibson (Mansfield Independent Forum) 261 votes. 38.19 per cent turnout.

Ransom Wood ward: John Smart (Labour) 638 votes. Paul Francis Hollingworth (UKIP) 484 votes. 53.6 per cent turnout.

Sherwood ward: Winner Sean Cameron Grant McCallum (Labour) 595 votes. Paul James Piercy (Mansfield Independent Forum) 532 votes. 58.93 per cent turnout.

Yeoman Hill ward: Winner Lee Erna Probert (Labour) 721 votes. Neil Albert Williams (Mansfield Independent Forum) 716 votes. 56.15 per cent turnout.

Abbott ward: Winner Barry Answer (UKIP) 705 votes. Donna Marie Thomas (Labour) 626 votes. 62.28 per cent turnout.

Broomhill ward: Winner Ian Sheppard (Mansfield Independent Forum) 543 votes. Denis O’Neill (Labour) 504 votes. 46.39 per cent turnout.

Kingsway ward: Winner Nick Bennett (Labour) 573 votes. Adrian Ioan Nita (Mansfield Independent Forum) 364 votes. Giovanni Loperfido (Conservative) 346 votes. Zenko Bilas 26 votes. 59.61 per cent turnout.

Ling Forest ward: Winner Bill Drewett (Mansfield Independent Forum) 909 votes. Charles Ian Hammersley (Labour) 538 votes. 66.94 per cent turnout.

Meden ward: Winner Andy Wetton (Labour) 932 votes. Darren Kirk (Mansfield Independent Forum) 384 votes. 61.58 per cent turnout.

Newgate ward: Winner Andy Sissons (MAnsfield Independent Forum) 523 votes. Paul Nigel Henshaw (Labour) 431 votes. 46.55 per cent.

Newlands ward: Winner Sidney James Walker (UKIP) 679 votes. Anna Drozdz (Labour) 615 votes. 54.17 per cent.

Woodhouse ward: Winner Amanda Fisher (Labour) 840 votes. Linda Davidson (Mansfield Independent Forum) 421 votes. 52.83 per cent.

Warsop Carrs ward: Winner Peter Crawford (Labour) 1,069 votes. Foysal Choudhury (Mansfield Independent Forum) 391 votes. 58.34 per cent turn out.

Manor ward: Uncontested. Katrina Atherton (Labour).