Mansfield District Council defends hike in burial plot costs

Nottingham Road cemetery.
Nottingham Road cemetery.

A price hike in Mansfield burial fees has been defended by the district council, who say the cash is needed to find new cemetery space.

It comes after statistics showed the cost of dying in our region has soared in recent years, with a burial plot now setting a bereaved family back more than £500, compared to more than £200 a decade 

Ajman Ali, corporate director of housing and environment at Mansfield District Council, said that while other authorities may charge varying amounts depending on whether the deceased lived within or outside the council boundaries, a decision was made in Mansfield to set a standard price.

She said: “In 2010 the council looked at a new pricing structure that was introduced gradually over two years from 2011/12.

“We removed the two-tier pricing structure and made fees the same for both residents of Mansfield district and non-residents.

“The charges had not increased much in the past and the new fees will help to provide new cemetery provision as space is running low.

“It will also help to ensure there is no discrimination between residents and non-residents.”

There were almost 350 burials in Mansfield across the financial year 2012/2013, and the council says people who struggle to pay the costs can apply for a ‘Funeral Payment’ from central government.