Mansfield dad with huge brain tumour says cannabis oil has kept him alive for four years

Jack Sanders and daughter Ellie.
Jack Sanders and daughter Ellie.

A Mansfield Dad given just months to live after developing a huge brain tumour says cannabis oil has extended his life by four years.

Jack Sanders was first diagnosed with brain cancer in 2012 and had an operation to remove it which was thought to have been successful.

But In September 2014 the tumour returned as a A Glioblastoma grade four- The most malignant aggressive infiltrative brain tumour there is.

Jack, 45, was given six months to live - but he says four years later he has beaten all the odds with the help of cannabis oil.

It is still illegal in the UK to possess supply or use cannabis oil for any purpose, but the Government recently announced it was to review legalising it for medicinal use following the case of 12-year-old Billy Caldwell.

Jack said: “I was constantly searching the Internet for treatments and a Spanish professor recommended I tried cannabis oil. It just seems that it has literally come into the mainstream now.

It’s come forward after these people have miraculously cured themselves with a sludgy coloured oil. It’s just a plant but nobody wants to believe it. It definitely helped me with pain and sleeping.

“And I’m still here. I don’t know how it’s helped me in terms of negative effects.

“I just say to people - if you were me wouldn’t you want to try it?”

Jack and his family have never given up hope of finding a cure for his condition. He has undergone several operations including one at a private German clinic and is booked in at a top American facility.

His mum Sandra has raised thousands of pounds to pay for expensive treatments and alternative therapies for his tumour.

Sandra said: “I think they don’t want people to use cannabis because of money.

“People will be growing their own and pharmaceutical companies will probably lose money. It shouldn’t be about that.”
A fundraising awards night is to be held at the John Fretwell Centre in September. See