Mansfield couple stole baby milk from Co-op in crime spree

Mansfield Magistrates Court.
Mansfield Magistrates Court.

A Mansfield couple who stole from stores in Clipstone and Rainworth have split up after one of them fell back into heroin misuse, a court heard.

Jonathan Pownall and Shirley Tomlinson stole £86 of confectionary, on March 16, £46 of washing tablets and razors, on March 26, and £129 of washing products and meat, on May 11, from the Co-Op in Clipstone.

On May 22, they were seen taking £32 of baby milk from the Co-Op in Rainworth.

Chris Perry, mitigating, said Pownall, a dad of children aged five and 11, had previously moved to Cornwall with the mother of their children to escape heroin misuse.

He was successful, but his partner relapsed into heroin and died as a result of drugs, the court heard.

“He has stayed clean and he has been a good parent and off the drugs since,” Mr Perry said.

He said Tomlinson had a history of drug misuse, but detoxed from the drug in 2013.

“They both knew of each other’s drug dependency problems,” he said.

“There has been a relapse for Shirley Tomlinson two or three months ago on to heroin.

“It marks a sad point in their relationship and a dangerous point. They have come to the conclusion that they must separate.

“Mr Pownall is very determined to remain drug free. He is determined to show social services his children will grow up in a drug-free environment.”

Mr Perry added that Tomlinson was about to leave their address on Holmesfield Walk, and was set to detox again on Subutex, which neutralises heroin and makes it “pointless.”

Probation officer Greta Percival said the thefts were Tomlinson’s idea and her co-defendant “merely supported her.”

She has a £20 per day habit and had been using heroin since she was 15.

Tomlinson, 36, and Pownall, 39, admitted four counts of theft when they appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court, on Wednesday.

Tomlinson was given eight weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months.

She must pay £146 compensation to the stores and £85 court costs and a £115 government curcharge.

Pownall will be dealt with tomorrow, Thursday.