Mansfield councillor calls on MP to consider position

Mansfield MP Sir Alan Meale.
Mansfield MP Sir Alan Meale.

An independent Mansfield councillor has called on the town’s MP, Sir Alan Meale, to consider his position in the wake of the historic ‘Brexit’ vote.

Andy Sissons, who is both an independent county councillor for Mansfield South and a district councillor for Newgate, suggested that in light of the huge ‘out’ vote in the constituency, Mr Meale’s views were unrepresentative of people in the area.

Mr Sissons also said he thought people had voted in the way that they did in order to take back control over our own laws and to end ‘open door’ immigration policies.

He said: “Mr. Cameron has decided he will not be the captain of this ship as we leave the EU following his defeat. As Sir Alan Meale was in the remain camp, should we perhaps also now have an MP who is more representative of the views of the people of Mansfield and district?”

“The referendum gave everyone the opportunity to demonstrate to Westminster the unrest about the way our views and wishes were not being championed strongly enough in Europe, and the result of 70% of voters wishing to leave is a clear indication of the desire to regain our sovereignty, end the open door policy and re-shape our future for the good of our children and grandchildren.