Mansfield Costa will help give poverty communities a foundation

Staff at a Mansfield coffee shop will give back to their roots through a series of events this month.

The team at Costa on West Gate will raise money to go to the ‘Costa Foundation’ which helps to relieve poverty in coffee-growing communities.

Events such as a fitness combatathon and a teddybears picnic will take place throughout July - as well as activities within the store.

Cash raised will go to foundation schools in countries across the globe. They will also make people more aware of

health, gender equality and environmental awareness.

Barista Mina Raval has organised the events.

She said: “A lot of people take education for granted, so it’s an important cause to raise money for.”

Costas across the UK are also supporting the cause, which has so far supported projects in eight countries.

Branch manager, Jon Killet, said: “It’s just fantastic for us to give something back to the communities that we get our coffee from and to be able to see the communities develop and grow along with us.”

Mina is aiming to double last years raisings of £1000.

The first of the events is the teddybears picnic on 12th July.

For more information about the charity, visit