Mansfield company’s van stolen twice in the space of an hour

A truck with similar transfers to the one which was stolen
A truck with similar transfers to the one which was stolen

THE boss of a Mansfield delivery company is furious with police after a stolen van was found by only to be taken a second time within an hour.

A Ford Luton Transit belonging to On Time was stolen from Howdens, off Hermitage Lane at about 10am on Friday.

The driver was signing some paperwork as someone jumped in and drove off. The keys were in the ignition.

Boss Paul Clayton reported the theft and was called back at about 5pm to say the van had been found on Harby Avenue in Sutton.

But by the time one of his drivers went to pick it up it had been stolen a second time.

Mr Clayton is angry no one waited with the van until someone got there.

He said: “I feel like I’ve been kicked in the testicles. Surely somebody should have stayed with it.

“I would have paid someone to stay there for an hour.

“I’ve now lost a £20,000 van which needs replacing urgently.

“One of my drivers spent 15 hours driving around industrial estates looking for it but had no joy.”

The van, registration YT09 AOP, has On Time transfers on both sides.

Anyone with information should call police on 101 or Mr Clayton on 01623 660959.

A police spokesman said: “The van was reported stolen at 9.48am from outside Howdens in Hermitage Lane, after it was left with keys in the ignition.

“Details of the van were circulated for observations from other police officers, who could potentially have seen it while on patrol.

“A member of the public notified police about the van around 16.23am. They had no legal obligation to stay with the van. While recovery was being organised the van was stolen again.

“It is not clear whether it was left secured by whoever stole it with keys initially between the first and second theft.”