Mansfield clubber ‘like a lifeless doll’ after being dropped on head

Shocked onlookers thought a Mansfield nightclub-goer had been killed when he was thrown head first to the ground by a powerful doorman, a jury heard.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 11th December 2013, 1:55 pm

19 year-old Rory Davis was thrown judo-style on the road outside After Dark on Clumber Street, Nottingham Crown Court was told.

Then he was pulled up ‘like a lifeless doll,’ by 17-stone doorman George Fessey, said Jeremy Janes, prosecuting.

Fessey (25), of Oaktree Close, Swadlincote, has denied wounding with intent on 29th December.

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He admits the lesser charge of simple wounding.

Mr Davis, who was a call taker for Mansfield’s 652 Taxis, had earlier been ejected from the club after supposedly causing trouble with two girls inside, the court was told.

He spent 11 days in hospital after an operation to relieve pressure from bleeding on his brain.

He now has a depressed skull and suffers from epilepsy, the court heard.

Head doorman Brendan Hardy (40), of The Fieldings, Sutton, was also due to stand trial for wounding with intent.

But the charge against him was quashed.

The jury were shown CCTV footage of a confrontation between Mr Davis and him outside the club.

Fessey told the jury he saw a punch thrown at the back of Mr Hardy’s head so went over as fast as he could. He considered it a ‘big threat.’

He added: “I was intending just to put him to the floor, restrain him and call the police who were 100 yards up the road.”

Fessey told the court he got Mr Davis in a bear hug and lifted him off the ground but he was lighter than he thought and it went ‘horribly wrong.’

Mr Janes said Mr Davis weighed possibly eight and a half stones.

The crack as his head hit the ground was ‘absolutely horrendous,’ said Fessey. “I thought I had killed him,” he added.

Fessey said he had never been in trouble with the police and never meant to hurt his victim.

He never worked again as a doorman and was now a welder.

Mr Janes said to him: “I suggest you lost you temper and meant to really hurt him. He was a drunken nuisance at worst.”

The jury were due out today.