Mansfield candidate expelled from UKIP over far-right link

Mansfield Civic Centre.
Mansfield Civic Centre.

A UKIP candidate in Mansfield whose name appeared on a list of BNP members has been expelled from the party.

Sidney James Walker is set to contest the Newlands seat for Mansfield District Council in this week’s local election.

But UKIP said that following an investigation, Mr Walker had been kicked out of the party.

Mansfield District Council confirmed this week that deadline to withdraw from the election had passed, and therefore his name will still go forward to contest the seat this Thursday.

He is only one of two candidates vying for the Newlands area, however, he would not serve as a UKIP member if elected.

Chad found that Mr Walker’s name had appeared on the list of BNP members that was leaked to the public several years ago. His name was one of more than 11,000.

Mr Walker told Chad he was never a member of the BNP, but admitted he may have sent money to the controversial party in the past.

UKIP has a strict policy that anyone who has been a member of a right-wing political group is automatically barred from joining.

A spokesman for the party said: “Mr Walker has been expelled under Rule i5 of the UKIP constitution.

“He has leave to appeal in 28 days. What this will mean is that if he is elected, he will sit as an independent, not as a UKIP councillor.”

Chad contacted Mr Walker, of Braemar Road, Forest Town, but he declined to comment.