Mansfield candidate challenges political blogger

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A Mansfield candidate has taken well-known political blogger to task on Twitter over comments about Labour leader ED Miliband.

District Labour hopeful Sonya Ward confronted blogger Guido Fawkes on the social media site after he posted a video of Miliband’s ‘girly’ laugh.

She asked if describing the politician’s laugh as ‘girly’ was an insult, before branding him ‘sexist’.

She said: “When you have to sink to these levels, and show yourself up as a sexist to boot, it’s a poor show.”

Miss Ward then even quoted former Tory PM Margaret Thatcher who once said: “If they attack you personally it means they have not a single political argument left.”

Fawkes, who has almost 150,000 followers on Twitter, also took criticism from others as he defended his stance.

Speaking afterwards, Miss Ward, who is standing in the district elections to be the Labour representative for the Bull Farm and Pleasley Hill ward in Mansfield, said: “ It wasn’t a spat - I just asked him a question about something he’d tweeted, and no I wasn’t offended at all. How a politician laughs isn’t an important matter.

“I’m more interested in their politics, policies and values.”