Mansfield business bosses call for clean-up of eyesore road

NMAC11-3334-1''Mansfield A617 traffic Island
NMAC11-3334-1''Mansfield A617 traffic Island
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BUSINESS bosses say they are embarrassed by the state of a roundabout at a key gateway into Mansfield.

The roundabout is on Southwell Road West and has been called a ‘disgrace’ and an eyesore which is in desperate need of attention.

Michael Whittle, who owns a caravan storage business on Southwell Road West, said he had written to Mansfield District Council in July about the state of the roundabout, which has junctions with the Ransom Wood and Sherwood Oak business parks, but nothing had been done.

“As motorists leave the Rainworth by-pass and the Marr Road to drive towards Mansfield, the first thing they see is a roundabout which is a disgrace,” he said.

“It has been totally neglected since it was constructed about two years ago and is covered with dead weeds about three feet tall. It gives a very negative impression of Mansfield.

“Other roundabouts in Mansfield are very attractive with flowers or block paving - but this one in question is disgusting and an eyesore.”

Charles Cannon, director for Ransom Wood Estates, the which runs the Ransom Wood business park, said his firm had withdrawn its sponsorship of the roundabout worth £2,000 a year because it was not being maintained properly.

“We decided to stop the payments because we felt the money was not being spent on maintenance,” he said.

Mr Cannon said his company had offered to take responsibility for the maintenance of the roundabout - but was told a firm from Birmingham had already been awarded a contract to carry out the maintenance.

“I think with our experience of grounds maintenance and health and safety issues we would have been in an ideal position to keep the roundabout well maintained,” he said.

Martyn Thurman, head of Neighbourhood Services at Mansfield District Council, said responsibility for the roundabouts lay with Nottinghamshire County Council, but the district council responded to maintenance requests on the county council’s behalf. No roundabouts in the district had been sponsored since January.

A Nottinghamshire County Council spokesman said there were plans to grass over the roundabout because of the cost of maintaining it.