Mansfield: Budding reporters get lowdown at Brunts

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Journalists of the future got the chance to hear the full story a master class delivered by Chad’s newsdesk editor Stephen Thirkill.

Eight year 13 media students at Brunts Academy were put through their paces in a session designed to highlight the real-life challenges of the newspaper industry.

The master class was organised by the Mansfield Learning Partnership (MLP) as part of their Post-16 provision programme.

It is one of a series that welcomes speakers from a variety of professions into schools.

“The master class was first class! Stephen focused his presentation on the areas I asked for and gave the students a significant amount of pertinent and up-to-date information they couldn’t possibly have sourced from anywhere else,” said Brunts’ assistant head teacher Dawn Chivers.

“The insight he provided into his industry will not only have a direct impact on exam outcomes, but also allowed the students to gain a broader understanding of journalism in context.

Stephen was able to articulate the changes that he has seen in the newspaper over time and reflect on how the current economic climate has impacted his role and his institution.”

Berni Dickinson, director of the Mansfield Learning Partnership, added: “The Post-16 Master Classes Programme brings enthusiastic, knowledgeable and authoritative speakers who share their top tips on how to get into their industry.

“It is a fantastic opportunity for young people to hear directly from employers.”

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