Mansfield brothers attacked Tesco security guard

TWO brothers from Mansfield assaulted a Tesco security guard in the early hours as he made his way to work.

Kenny and George Stevenson, of Ling Forest Court, Oak Tree Lane Estate, set upon Lee Haines on 14th April, Mansfield Magistrates’ Court was told.

At 4.40am, Kenny Stevenson (22) approached Mr Haines and said: “What are the chances of meeting a muppet like you?”

He pushed his head against Mr Haines’ then punched him in the face.

George Stevenson (19) then grabbed Mr Haines from behind and Kenny Stevenson made a threat about having a Stanley knife in his pocket.

Mr Haines managed to wriggle free before the two brothers began throwing sandbags, traffic cones and traffic signs at him.

A work colleague arrived at the scene and got out of his car to help Mr Haines as the pair ran off.

Mr Haines’ injuries included cuts to his leg, elbow and back.

Kenny and George Stevenson both pleaded not guilty to assault but were found guilty following a trial.

District Judge Diane Baker was told how Kenny Stevenson had 18 previous convictions the last of which he was given a suspended sentence for.

He was given 20 weeks custody for the assault and a further 10 weeks for breaching the suspended sentence.

George Stevenson, who had no previous convictions, was given a nine month community order and a 12 week curfew from 8pm to 5pm. He was also ordered to pay £300 compensation and £200 costs.

Passing sentence Judge Baker said: “The Tesco security guard was targeted and you called him a muppet. It was a very unpleasant assault.”