Mansfield Britney Spears impersonator will perform in Scarborough following the popstar’s show in the seaside town

Lauren Faye Moss as Britney Spears
Lauren Faye Moss as Britney Spears

A Britney Spears impersonator is excited to be performing in Scarborough - the same night that the popstar is also performing in the seaside town.

Lauren Faye Moss, 30, who is from Mansfield, has been invited to perform at nightclub, L’Amour, who are hosting an after party after Britney Spears has performed at the Scarborough Open Air Theatre, on Friday, August 17.

Lauren said: “When I was asked to perform as Britney at the official Britney Spears after show party, on the same day as her performance, I was incredibly honoured, and simply couldn’t resist.

“Britney is set to make an appearance also which would be an absolute dream come true.

“Artists such as her were my inspiration, career wise, and helped me through a period in my childhood that I associate with being a very difficult for me.“

Lauren has been singing since she was four-years-old and she has done musical theatre, acting and is a song writer.

But it hasn’t been an easy journey for Lauren.

At seven-years-old she had a problem with her hips which affected the way she walked which meant she was bullied and also caused her to gain weight due to her limited mobility.

Lauren had a full hip replacement at the age of 28, and now two years on she is waiting for the other to be replaced.

At her heaviest Lauren weighed 19 and a half stone and an appearance on reality show, How do you solve a problem like Maria? when she was 19-years-old prompted her to lose a fantastic nine stone.

Lauren said: “I remember watching it and thinking, that’s not how I wish to be perceived in the public eye.

“Singing is my form of release and is my passion and I remember watching Britney Spears, Anastacia, and the Spice Girls and thinking ‘I wish I looked like that’.

“That was my drive for losing weight and keeping healthy.

“I work as a multi tribute artist, and female vocalist. It’s a great job to have as it is never monotonous. I love the costumes, and the wigs, and I’m lucky as I’m extremely versatile, therefore I can cover most female icons, that I can soundalike and look a little like.”

As well as being a tribute act Lauren also works with artists as a backing vocalist and studio vocalist, but also has her own projects.

As a songwriter and singer she performs country music, performing as a solo artist and as the female half of the country duo ‘Chaplin ‘ and they will be travelling to Nashville later in the year.

Lauren added: “I’ve always sung, I’ve never done anything else.

“My favourite thing to do is performing my own stuff and I want to get signed as that’s my aim.”