Mansfield-born games manufacturer pens book on his inventions

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A Mansfield-born games manufacturer has shared his rise to success with the release of a book.

After 55 years of working as a games inventor, Michael Kindred, has recorded some of his bizarre pursuits along the way.

The book tells of his collaboration with others to invent and market over 50 different games with total sales of around 3m in more than 20 countries.

Mr Kindred, who is now semi-retired in France, said: “During the 70s and 90s, I had one or two articles in the Chad about my various exploits as a local games inventor.

“So it seems fitting that, at what for me is a significant stage in my work, to feature in the Chad once again.”

Mr Kindred lived in Mansfield, Nottingham and Southwell for the first 68 years of his life.

He explained that during the last seven years he has written the story of his ventures.

Now it has been published by Pneuma Springs Publishing.

“The main motive was that over the years many people had asked me all sorts of questions about my work.

“The book traces the highs and lows, the laughter and the tears, some embarrassing moments, a few celebrations, various awkward situations, and meetings with one or two celebrities.

“I have tried to paint a realistic picture of life as a ‘nutty inventor’ and it explains how we didn’t get rich but survived to tell the tale!”, Mr Kindred added.

The inventor has also written and co-written several other books and continues to invent games and books.

The book is called Once Upon A Game: My precarious career as a games inventor and is on sale for £8.99.

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