Mansfield boozer told cops to do their jobs

Court latest
Court latest

A young Mansfield man was drunk when he shouted the odds at police officers after complaining he had been punched in the face, a court heard.

James Price banged on a police van window and shouted: “I want you to f****** sort this out. I know my f****** rights. I want you to do as I tell you.”

Officers, parked on Leeming Street, told him to calm down, but he continued to swear, and eventually said he had been hit by a doorman at the Rush nightclub.

They discovered he had been ejected from the club for disorderly behaviour, but Price “continued to swear at the officers and told them to do their jobs,” said prosecutor Robert Carr.

Price, 23, of Bramble Lane, admitted being drunk and disorderly on the night of March 2, when he appeared at court on Friday.

He told Mansfield magistrates: “I apologise. It’s obviously not acceptable.”

He was given a 12 month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £20 government surcharge.

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