Mansfield and Ashfield motorists urged not to leave their cars unattended

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Motorists are being urged not to defrost their cars by leaving them running and unattended after a car was stolen this week.

A Ford Mondeo was taken from Gladstone Drive, Brinsley, on Thursday (6th December) after its owner left it running with the key in the ignition as it warmed up and the screen defrosted.

And as the temperature continues to fall, Nottinghamshire Police is reminding motorists not to take a chance when defrosting their motors.

Detective Inspector Rich Monk, from Ashfield CID, said: “The weather is going to get icier and we don’t want people to experience the financial and stressful strain of having their vehicles stolen.

“I urge people to set their alarms a little early in the morning to give them extra time to sit with the heaters on while their windscreen defrosts.

“Never leave an unattended car unlocked, and certainly never leave a car with the keys in the ignition, even for just a moment.

“Think ahead – it will take extra time to get your vehicle ready in the morning before you set out on your journey, so allow yourself the time to do it. Thieves are still around in the cold weather and they could be looking for an opportunity when your guard is down to steal one of the most expensive things a person owns.

“Insurance companies are also very reluctant to pay out if they know a car has been left running and unattended, which can be very costly for people at a time of the year when every penny counts.”