Mansfield and Ashfield District Council pledge to boost area’s economy

BOSSES at Ashfield and Mansfield District Councils have pledged to work together to boost the area’s economy.

The Ashfield and Mansfield Joint Economic Masterplan was launched on 12th December in a bid to attract and retain investment across the Sherwood Growth Zone, which includes the two districts.

Working together and alongside other organisations, the partnership also aims to improve the towns and people’s lives.

The masterplan looks at ways of achieving these improvements and has identified three key areas, which are people, business and place.

It provides a ‘road map’ which sets out how to achieve a shared vision and it is made up of a strategy document and a delivery plan.

The focus of the document is on ‘ambition’, which means that all residents will be given the opportunity to contribute towards the improvements.

Ashfield District Council leader John Knight said: “The two district councils already have a proven track record of working together on initiatives to develop the local economy.

“The adoption of the Ashfield and Mansfield Joint Economic Masterplan will ensure future collaboration has a solid strategic base.”

Mansfield district councillor Kate Allsop, who is Portfolio Holder for Economic Regeneration, said: “With the current financial climate, the adoption of the Joint Economic Masterplan means Mansfield and Ashfield now has a sound, co-ordinated plan to see us through these challenging economic times and achieve further local economic growth.

“We are committed to providing the opportunity for residents and business to grow and prosper.

“By working in partnership with Ashfield District Council and partner organisations to deliver the priorities set out within the masterplan, we can realise our ambitions for the area, improving our towns and the lives of all those who live here.”

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