Mansfield and Ashfield crime falls by a fifth

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CRIME in Mansfield and Ashfield has fallen by a fifth as it emerged the number of reported offences across the county is continuing to plummet.

New police figures show there were 4,164 fewer incidents and victims of crime in the two districts during the last year than over the previous 12 months.

But there was an increase of more than a quarter in drug offences, with officers insisting this is due to more people coming forward with information.

Robberies have reduced by 41 per cent, meaning 77 fewer incidents, and dwelling burglary fell by 32 per cent, which is 440 less than last year.

Sgt Andy Hall said: “Our burglary detection rates are very high and under Operation Clean Slate we have been able to identify other incidents carried out by career criminals.”

Mansfield and Ashfield saw reductions in violence against the person with injury, which fell by 30 per cent; criminal damage, down 24 per cent and sexual offences, reduced by 21 per cent.

Vehicle crime also fell by 31 per cent - which police say is a result of working with known offenders.

Divisional commander Chief Supt Dave Wakelin said: “The figures show that fewer people endured the stress and trauma associated with being a victim of crime last year.

“In Mansfield, we have made fantastic strides in reducing robbery and burglary and other offences like vehicle crime and sexual offences.

“We have seen a rise in drug offences across the board and this is largely attributed to increased pro-active drug raids and improved communication with the people we serve.

“People are more confident in the police and are much more likely to come forward to us with information.”

Crime across Nottinghamshire fell by 14 per cent in the last year compared to 2009/10 – above the national average of just under 5 per cent.