Man used cannabis to ease the pain of his back injury

Court hearing
Court hearing

After two of his back discs eroded trapping a nerve a Mansfield man used cannabis to ease the pain.

Sean Davis, 54, of Willoughby Court, Mansfield, appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court today (Thursday, October 5) and pleaded guilty to producing class B drug, cannabis.

Prosecuting, Neil Hollett, said: “The police called at the property and could smell cannabis. On inspection they found sapling and plants.

“There were nine short plants and a number of saplings and he admitted, in a voluntary interview, he was fully responsible for it and was growing it for his own personal use.

“He explained he has a back injury so uses it to ease the pain.

“No one was involved and his phone was checked and there was no evidence of a supplier.

Defending, Abigail Edwards, said: “He worked all his adult life and was in construction for 20 years.

“In 2011 he started to suffer with a back injury and after a few months he had to stop work. He was admitted to hospital as he couldn’t stand up and he couldn’t stand for two months.

“He has two eroded discs in his back which trapped a nerve.

“He describes the pain as ‘like being shot’ and said that it ‘sweeps him off his feet’ so he had to stop working which he has found difficult.

“He has been prescribed medication and pain killers but he was always in pain so that was the reason why he decided to do a small grow for his own personal use and that helped significantly to take the pain away.

“The use of cannabis was recommended to him by a friend. He bought it on occasion and it did help however it was very expensive for him to do it and he couldn’t afford it which was the reason why he decided to do a small grow.”

Davis was given a two year conditional discharge. £50 costs and £20 victim surcharge.