Man stole sex toy from ex-girlfriend on Valentine’s Day to “embarrass” her

NEWS from Nottingham Crown Court.
NEWS from Nottingham Crown Court.

A teenage dad broke into his ex-girlfriend’s Kirkby home on Valentine’s Day and stole a sex toy to “get back at her” and “embarrass” her, a court heard.

He also damaged her bed, breaking the slats, and took other items he claimed belonged to him from their time living together.

Declan Duray, 19, of Holland Crescent, Selston, pleaded guilty at Nottingham Crown Court to burglary at the woman’s flat in the early hours of Sunday, February 14.

The court heard that they had been “childhood sweethearts” since the age of 13 and had a young child together.

But their relationship deteriorated when his ex-girlfriend described how Duray “became unstable and maybe had mental-health issues”.

“He was controlling, abusive and jealous,” said Gareth Gimson, prosecuting. “Things became too much and, about a year ago, she ended the relationship.

“He began to demand some of his property back, including a camera, but she said he could only have it if he returned a key to the flat he had taken.”

The arguments went on and on, said Mr Gimson, and came to a head on the night of Saturday, February 13 after he had spent some time with their son.

“She went out to a local pub and bumped into Declan, who was with his new partner and some friends,” said Mr Gimson.

”When she returned home at 4am, she discovered the damage and realised items were missing.”

As well as the sex toy, a wi-fi router, TV remote controls and a back-door key had gone. Damage had been caused to a plug-socket in the wall, as well as the bed.

When interviewed by police, the court heard, Duray said their relationship had been “awful”, but he found things difficult when it broke down.

“This was a burglary that couldn’t be described as an acquisitive crime,” said Mr Gimson. “It has the feel of someone getting back at another party to embarrass them.”

Jonathan Hullis, mitigating, chose not to make any comments after hearing that Judge Stuart Rafferty was happy to follow the sentencing recommendations contained in a probation report on Duray.

In sentencing him to a community order, with probation supervision, for two years, the judge told Duray: “Grow up!

“This is pathetic. You are behaving more like a four-year-old than a 19-year-old with parental responsibilities.

“I have no doubt that you were drunk and that you wanted to get back at her. But if it happens again, you will go to prison and lose everything, including your job and contact with your child.”

As part of his sentence, Duray must attend a Building Better Relationships course and pay his ex-girlfriend £500 compensation towards the cost of a new bed and new TV remote controls.

Added the judge: “The good news is that you are doing well at work and they obviously think highly of you. Put these childish pursuits behind you and get on with being a man and a father to your child.”