Man saved from heart attack by health check at work

Mick Morley, who has avoided a possible stroke or heart attack thanks to the health checks.
Mick Morley, who has avoided a possible stroke or heart attack thanks to the health checks.

Health checks at work could have saved a 57-year-old Ashfield District Council manager from suffering a potentially life-threatening stroke or heart attack.

Now Nottinghamshire County Council, which runs the checks, is urging other companies and organisations to sign up to them to boost the health and wellbeing of their employees.

Mick, who is from Hucknall, heard about the checks at the council, where he works as a development team boss in the planning department, and decided to pop along for one.

He was shocked to be told he had very high blood pressure, which represented a serious threat to his health. He was advised to see his doctor, who urged him to go to the accident and emergency team at his local hospital straight away.

He has since been put on medication, which has helped to bring down his blood pressure to safer levels.

Mick said: “I didn’t feel ill or have any symptoms. But the health check revealed the high levels my blood pressure had reached.

“It could have led to a stroke or heart attack, and I am so grateful I went for the test. I would recommend everyone signs up to health checks if they are available in the workplace.”

Mick’s case is one of many success stories to emerge from the Wellbeing@work campaign that forms part of the county council’s health and wellbeing strategy.

Coun John Doddy, chairman of the council’s health and wellbeing board, said: “There is a huge amount of work already under way across the county to improve health and wellbeing.

“Mick’s case study is an excellent example of the sort of workplace projects which are making a difference.

“Our vision is to work together with other partners to enable the people of Nottinghamshire, from the youngest to the oldest, to live happier and healthier lives in their communities, particularly where the need is greatest.”

Staff at Ashfield Council have taken that vision further by getting active with an initiative called the Camaraderie Cup, which improves their wellbeing at work.

It’s a monthly competition with an emphasis on fun and taking part in a range of activities, Points gained by each team are accumulated through the year to determine the winners of the cup.

One employee, Wil Kent, who works with the locality and community empowerment team, said: “It has got me out and about meegting colleagues I would otherwise only connect with over the phone or by e-mail.

“The various challenges have been fun, and there is something for everyone.”