Man jailed for knife possession in Mansfield

A MANSFIELD man has been jailed after being caught on a town centre street at night with a large knife tucked into the waistband of his trousers.

A judge found that Steven Macmillan (22) was looking for retribution after being assaulted inside a house.

Macmillan, formerly of Recreation Street, admitted having a bladed article and was sentenced to 10 months at Nottingham Crown Court.

Police found him on Albion Street on 6th February after a report that he had been stabbed with a fork, said Harold Ewing, prosecuting.

Macmillan, who appeared to be drunk, walked towards the officers and said it was him they were looking for – and he had a knife.

He was of previous good character apart from two cautions and his barrister Errol Ballentyne said he had left the house because he feared further violence.

“He should have just waited for the police to come and was before the court because of his own stupidity,”he said.

He had lost his job and wanted to go into the Army.

Recorder Andrew Lockhart said that MacMillan appeared to have retribution in his mind when picking up the knife.