Man jailed for Cuckney Hill road death

A 21-year-old farm worker who ploughed into an oncoming driver and killed him while showing off to a friend has been jailed for five years.

Nottingham Crown court was told how Joseph Weston was seen speeding up Cuckney Hill ‘like a rocket’ and changing gear before the sound of loud tyre screeches and a collision were heard.

Young father-to-be Luke Winter (24), of Nether Langwith, was killed in the collision on 15th August last year when Weston lost control of his car on a left-hand bend on the notoriously dangerous road.

He was said by accident investigators to be doing 90mph on the 50mph stretch. Weston pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving during a preliminary hearing.

In a letter which he read out to Nottingham Crown Court in person today (29th July) Luke’s father, Geoff, said: “I believe in my country and the justice system and appeal to you to make an example of this man.

“His family may cry but they will get him back.”

As Judge John Milmo sentenced Weston, of Longdale Lane, Ravenshead, he said his sentencing powers were limited by parliament. He also imposed a five-year driving ban with an extended test.