Man died after drugs overdose

A MAN with a history of drug and alcohol abuse died after taking an overdose of his anti-depressants, an inquest was told on Thursday.

Dale Pashley (26) lived with friends after having to leave his parents’ home and was allowed to stay at an address on Houldsworth Crescent, Bolsover, on condition he stopped drinking.

But he was spotted in Bolsover Market Place with a bottle of brandy on 4th April and at 4.20pm that day Laura Bates returned home to find he was drunk.

The Chesterfield inquest was told that Ricky Siston and James Warburton later saw him laying on his back on a mattress inside the property.

Said Det Con Mark Woodcock: “He had been sick. They could not bring him round and an ambulance was called. Mr Siston attempted mouth-to-mouth and then paramedics arrived.”

Mr Pashley was declared dead on arrival at Chesterfield Royal Hospital.

Pathologist Dr Richard Knights said Mr Pashley had a history of intravenous drug abuse and schizophrenia, and had previously been admitted to hospital after drinking too much.

He gave the cause of death as an overdose of the prescribed anti-depressant sertralene.

Dr Knights added that traces of cocaine and amphetamine were found during post-mortem examination tests and Mr Pashley's alcohol consumption was sufficient to affect his judgement.

North Derbyshire coroner Tom Kelly recorded a verdict of death from self-administered drug poisoning.