Man denies hit and run attack

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A jury was shown a harrowing dashcam video showing the moment a Sutton father was hit by a car and somersaulted over the roof before suffering serious head injuries.

The trial of a man accused of deliberately using his car in a collision which left a pedestrian fighting for his life and another injured has started at Nottingham Crown Court.

Gary Frankish, 28 of Red Lane South Normanton, denies causing grievous bodily harm with intent to Ian North and attempted grievous bodily harm to Sammy North.

He also denies causing serious injury to Ian North by driving his BMW dangerously on Burn Street Sutton on February 18 2017.

A jury was sworn in at the start of the trial on Tuesday (July 18).

Outlining the case for the prosecution, Phil Gibbs said a complainant Bradley North of Leabrook Derbyshire had been unable to pay Frankish a £100 debt.

Frankish had visited his home on February 18 with two accomplices and had demanded the debt be repaid.

When he said he could not pay up the men assaulted him and damaged a TV and Playstation.

The jury was told Frankish had already pleaded guilty to common assault and criminal damage in regard to this.

It was decided that Bradley North would drive to his father’s address in Burn Street to get him the cash.

Mr North’s neighbour agreed to drive him there and Frankish followed in his black BMW.

While en-route Mr North called his brother Sammy and father Ian North and told them to meet him at the father’s address.

They parked up outside Ian North’s house at 7pm.

A video shown to the jury showed two men running towards the BMW which hit one of them. Seconds later Ian North was hit full on. The BMW was driven away at speed.

The prosecutor said the defendant said he had been worried he was being lured into a trap.

He had not known the street was a dead end.

He said seven or eight people had run towards his car, a brick was thrown through his windscreen and they had tried to get in the vehicle.

He thought he was in danger of people who ‘had blades’.

There had been no intention to strike Ian North.

Frankish said he had driven off in a blind panic.

The case continues.