Man claims he ‘struggled to get to grave’ at Sutton cemetery

Concerns have been raised about overgrown grass and plants at Sutton cemetery.

One Sutton resident, who has several relatives buried in St Mary’s cemetery, said paths have disappeared in some areas, because they have become so overgrown with grass.

He says there are weeds and parts of the site look “a complete mess”.

David Johnson, aged 67, who lives on the Carsic estate, said: “The cemetery at St Mary’s in Sutton is absolutely disgusting .

“I have been visiting my relatives there for the past 15-20 years and it has never looked so bad.

“The grass is so bad I struggle to get to the grave.

“The council has left things go there.”

A spokesman for Ashfield District Council said: “The council currently has two full-time cemetery keepers in Sutton cemetery who maintain the site on a planned programme.

“Unfortunately, the cemetery has held a large number of funerals in recent weeks which must take priority.”

The council always welcomes feedback on its services and if anyone has any comments about the district’s cemeteries, they should contact the team on 01623 457462 or email