Man caught with cocaine in Mansfield nightclub toilets

A Mansfield Woodhouse man has been fined £200 after admitting being caught in possession of cocaine in the toilets of a Mansfield nightspot.

David Miles, prosecuting, told Mansfield magistrates how Ashley Straw (26), of Edmunds Avenue, was found in a toilet cubicle with another male at Rewind Nightclub on 3rd August.

Said Mr Miles: “Staff pushed the door open and the defendant threw two small packets on the floor.”

Mr Miles said Straw denied the offence twice during police interview but was of previous good character and had no history of offending.

Finn Butler, defending, said: “It was a small amount of cocaine and if he had been given more robust advice he would have pleaded guilty.

“He had been on a stag do and the races and had consumed a lot of alcohol. He was offered cocaine and took it.

“This has been his first involvement in the criminal justice system. In my submission there will be no further offending.”

Straw was also given court costs of £85 and a £25 victim surcharge.

A Magistrate said: “We are giving you every opportunity here because you are at the bottom end of the guidelines, but any repeat offending will not get the same consideration.”