Man accused of robbing former colleague is acquitted

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A man accused of robbing a former work colleague while armed with an air pistol has been cleared after a trial.

Irmantas Zetlavicius (26) of George Dere Close, New Ollerton, was acquitted of robbing Samuel Hardy of a 40-inch TV, two DVD players and other personal property.

The two men bumped into each other in a shop in January after they had left the company they worked for, said Esther Harrison, prosecuting at Nottingham Crown Court.

The men later met up at the Dukeries pub in Edwinstowe at the suggestion of 23-year-old Mr Hardy, who lived in the village.

The jury was told Mr Hardy had sent Mr Zetlavicius a text message asking if he knew some one who could ‘sort out’ some other man for him.

Mr Hardy was only five feet three inches but his former workmate was much bigger, the court heard.

Mr Zetlavicius told the police ‘Sam’ offered to sell him his TV for £100 and include various other items in the deal.

He drove round to collect the goods from the flat in Edwinstowe and Mr Hardy offered to accompany him back to New Ollerton to install the TV.

But Mr Hardy claimed he was scared of Mr Zetlavicius, who smelled of alcohol and pulled out a pistol the car.

Mr Hardy said his ex-workmate claimed he had once broken a man’s jaw and was connected to the Russian mafia.

The prosecution claimed Mr Hardy felt forced to hand over his property.

Mr Zetlavicius denied threatening Mr Hardy or having the gun in the car. He said the air pistol was in a box at his home and Mr Hardy had asked to look at it.

Mr Hardy had wanted a drink and he had offered him some vodka.

The defendant said Mr Hardy was lying and his allegations were all untrue.

The jury found Mr Zetlavicius not guilty of robbery and having an imitation firearm with intent to commit robbery.