Man accused of historical rape threatened two of his victims, court told

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A Blidworth pensioner accused of historical sex offences against three women allegedly threatened a 15 year old girl after raping her and a nine year old girl after sexually abusing her at his home a court has heard.

Christoper Metcalfe 70 of Cross Lane, appeared at Derby Crown Court where a jury was told he raped the girl in the front room of his house in Kirkby.

The woman told police in 2014 that Metcalfe had raped her at his house during the time she was a 15-year-old in care at Skegby Hall.

A jury was shown a video of a police interview with the woman after she reported the alleged rape in October 2014.

Metcalfe worked as a teacher of rural studies at Skegby Hall, a social services run home with educational premises.

The woman said he was the agricultural teacher and she had been taken to see him at his house, when she was aged around 15.

She said she was with him in his front room, when he had He had roughly thrown her into the floor and raped her after chasing her around the room.

She tried to get away from him and had fought him, scratching his face.

The woman told police: “He told me not to bother saying anything to anyone as nobody would believe me and he had more credibility than I did.

“He said if you do say anything I’ll get you. “

“I was very angry.

“It was a great opportunity for him wasn’t it?”

She said the assault had been interrupted when a man she thought to be Metcalfe’s son had come home unexpectedly.

Metcalfe had then driven her back to Skegby Hall.

Metcalfe denies two counts of indecently assaulting girls aged between 9 and 10, two counts of indecently assaulting a girl aged under 14 and one of raping the 15-year-old.

The complaints of sexual abuse are alleged to have taken place when he was a teacher at a primary school in Derbyshire or Skegby Hall when he was in his 30s.

The allegations have made by three women who have told police they have never previously known each other.

The court has heard Metcalfe sexually molested one of the women as a girl aged nine also at his house.

The woman was seen in court on a video recorded when police interviewed her in April 2016.

She said Metcalfe had hit her with a belt to her head and body and touched her private parts.

This was not a one off experience, it had happened twice.

She said she didn’t tell anyone because Metcalfe had threatened to hurt her badly or even kill her if she did.

Metcalfe had told police he had no recollection of her.

The case continues.