Mallet man is given a shock

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Police used a taser stun gun to subdue a drunken Mansfield man in his home who was armed with a wooden mallet.

They asked Jamie Whittaker (26), of Carter Lane, to show himself at his door after being called out by concerned neighbours, Nottingham Crown Court was told.

Whittaker did not comply. He sounded aggressive and his words were slurred. The court heard how Whittaker had sworn at officers and shouted ‘Come through the door and see what you get.’

“An officer slowly opened the door to a room and saw Whittaker with a wooden mallet in his hand raised above his head,” said Gareth Gimson, prosecuting.

The officer reached round the door and fired the taser.

Whittaker had previous convictions for common assault, burglary, drug matters and shop thefts.

Jeremy Janes, defending, said: ‘He has been a hopeless alcoholic for years.”

Recorder Nirmal Shant gave Whittaker a six-month prison sentence suspended for two years, with alcohol treatment and probation supervision for six months.