Make criminals clean the streets

AFTER reading in Chad (Page one, 21st November) of the 15-year-old who attacked a 65-year-old disabled gentleman, don’t readers believe that more action ought to be taken to protect everyone from such filthy cowards?

If I go out during the winter nights I always have a taxi, not because of the cold weather, but for the assurance that I will reach my destination without the likes of him attacking me.

Even though he was only 15 and his identity would normally not be revealed, I believe it was right to name him. He was old enough to know how to obtain drugs and alcohol.

Chad also mentioned how he had a rough childhood, but so have thousands of other children, but they don’t all go around in gangs attacking innocent people, especially the disabled who have no chance of defending themselves.

His time in prison will be no deterrent, no doubt he will soon be enjoying a Christmas dinner and other luxuries along with more violent prisoners.

A better deterrent would be to get him and other violent cowards out on our streets clearing the thousands of leaves scattered all over the place. Also, if we have another icy winter, get them clearing the icy pavements making it safer for all pedestrians.

Kate AllsopP

Beck Crescent,